Aachen has multiple chambers inside the profile structure while the hardware is equipped with multipoint locking system to ensure proper closing and tightness.This efficiently reduces noise disturbance, down to one-eighth of the original noise level (sound reduction between 33-43 dB)

Aachen can cut down energy loss far better than aluminium systems for at least 2.2 times. And with the use of multiple chambers structure, heat circulation is mostly eliminated in order to ensure a comfortable life in your home.

Aachen employs a corner welding process to ensure window or door corner is completely welded into a single structure ,therefore, water is unable to pass through the welded joint. Additionally, a double layer of EPDM rubber gasket is placed around the sash and the frame to efficiently seal the gap.

Aachen’s Upvc profiles consist of Stabilizer, Titanium Dioxide, UV filter, etc. in order to withstand all kinds of weather conditions even in tropical circumstance. It is able to withstand high temperatures of up to 82”C without any deflection or changes in color

Aachen is the Upvc door and window with the elegant look ,suitable for various purposes. It always looks like new with low maintainance. Frequent cleaning is possible without any repainting throughout the useful life of the frame

Due to Aachen’s superior materials, especially The INOUTIC uPVC Profiles, it is highly durable and environmentally friendly. It will not turn yellow or fade after years of use. It can withstand any corrosion caused by pollution. Even in beach area residences, humid weather is unable to corrode or damage it.

Aachen door and window system can use with various types of glass (e.g. single glass, double glass, tempered or laminated glass, Insulated glass), with the thickness of glass from 3 mm. up to 39 mm.

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